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Denny's Meme

 It's late. Like, 3 AM late.
You're hungry. You're bored.
But nothing is open.
Except Denny's.


1. Post to the meme.
2. Find somebody to eat with. Figure out why you'd do this to yourself.
3. What even is "Moons Over My Hammy?" 
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[personal profile] spideyguy 2016-04-06 03:18 pm (UTC)(link)
[Denny's is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it's open 24-glorious-hours a day. On the other, it's Denny's. Not exactly a five-star joint. Or even a two-star. Well, okay, maybe that's not fair of him; it's just this Denny's, the only one in Queens, kind of sucks.

They give him a discount, though, which is something he really appreciates at four in the fucking morning. Peter strolls in as Spiderman and they're much nicer than when he's in civilian clothes.]

The usual. [Peter doesn't even notice Steve in the booth, giving the hostess - Betsy - a thumbs up as he plops down on a barstool.]
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[personal profile] no_you_move 2016-04-08 09:11 am (UTC)(link)
[It's New York. So Steve is well aware that, at any given time, he is far from the only person in the city that's dressed up in a colorful, slightly bizarre and eye-catching costume.

It's just that most of those other costumes don't often see crime fighting as their main reason for wearing them.

The red really is eye-catching though. And, man -

does Steve remember his days of wearing tights.

It's very possible that the man sitting at the counter isn't Spider-man. Steve knows there are people that, for their own reasons he'd rather not find out about, dress up like him and he imagines its about the same for Spider-man. But still - he's watched enough of the shaky caught footage and seen enough of the pictures that he can suspect and the way the guy moves is much more fluid and - used to the outfit than he imagines anyone that doesn't wear it regularly would.

It takes some adjusting, wandering around in tights.

Maybe the guy just wants to relax and be ignored but maybe he should have ditched the threads if that had been his plan. So Steve doesn't feel as if he's intruding too much when he calmly asks from his spot at the booth behind the guy:]

So, what's the usual?

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[There's that one guy down in Hell's Kitchen, and of course Deadpool, the crazy motherfucker. But the spider stretched across his back is probably a fat hint.

Peter controls himself and manages not to startle; it does say something that his senses didn't clock Steve as a threat. How he missed the fucking shield, he honestly has no answer for. Peter turns, blinking behind the lenses of his mask, and thinks he manages to play it cool when he says,]

Split-decision. Two eggs, french toast, sausage, and bacon. Tall glass of milk, too; gotta keep the bones strong. 2%, though; I'm watching my figure.
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[The shield is tucked down near Steve's leg so it's easy to miss. That's the point. He can't do anything about his uniform though. Maybe when you fought enough people in weird costumes, you stopped noticing them as out of place. The quip certainly sounds like what he's caught from filmed reports on the web slinger and somehow - he's not as surprised as he should be that two superheroes are hitting the same diner at o'dark thirty.

He'll admit, he's been curious about the other man since the reports starting coming in. Spider powers are - a little beyond Steve but he's been hanging out with progressively more fantastic kinds of people and he's getting better at just rolling with the 'ah, its a sentient android made out of a space crystal and a computer butler'.

He has to smile at the answer though.]

Strong bones are important. [But the real question is] If you don't mind my asking, how do you eat with that mask on?
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[Steve smiles at him and Peter relaxes just a little, leaning against the bar. S.H.I.E.L.D. had a standing warrant out for him before the whole blow-up-and-all-our-secrets-aren't-secrets-anymore (which he's kind of glad he avoided them beforehand, otherwise his secret identity wouldn't be a secret). So did the police, but Peter was never really worried about them.

Peter curls his fingers under the edge of the mask where it tucks down into his suit and carefully rolls it up just over his nose.]

Contrary to some reports, I do have teeth, not pincers. [He smiles, and his glass of milk arrives, so Peter takes a big sip.]