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Name:Memezilla || Opens April 2nd
Posting Access:Anybody, Moderated

A New Place To Meme

Memezilla is a moderated meme community focused on giving players a broader variety of situations and scenarios. There is a limit to how many memes can be posted in a day and most days have a theme, so you'll always know what to expect! Everything from general to shipping, texting to AUs. Be sure to check out the rules and guidelines below, and feel free to contact [personal profile] memezillamods with any questions you might have!

Basic Rules

☢ Don't be a dick

☢ Keep IC and OOC separate

☢ Use tags appropriately

☢ The mods reserve the right to modify and edit memes as necessary

☢ All posts to the community will be moderated

☢ Don't be a dick

RulesHow It Works

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