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The Beach

At The Beach

Whether rocky or sandy, chilly or tropical, sunny or stormy, touristy or remote, the beach is a place where anything can happen. Walking along the boardwalk, a beautiful sunset, surfing the waves, exploring tide pools, hunting for treasure, hiding from trouble. The possiblities are endless.
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Heather Stone | Highlander OC | OTA

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Jubilee | Marvel 616 | OTA

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Kevin "Wither" Ford | Marvel 616 | OTA

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Victor "Sabretooth" Creed | Marvel 616 | OTA

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[ Warning: Walking trigger warning ]
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[ Auing Karina into Marvel if that's all right with you ]

Karina walked out of the surf, water clinging to pale skin, turning into little crystals of ice as she moved. The sun caught each one, making her shimmer slightly as she reaches up to squeeze the sea from her hair before that freezes too. She's gotten better at is. Stronger. This sort of thing still happens now and then, but at least she hadn't frozen the sea around her. It remained there, if only a little colder as it lapped around her ankles.

She turns a little smile to her companion for this outing. It's so rare that any of them catch a break these days. It's even more rare that she would see him of all people out enjoying something like the beach. She had been certain he wouldn't want to come and she hadn't wanted to go swimming alone. "Ahh, that was great." She pads towards where he is in order to get a towel.
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Sans | Undertale

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Poe Dameron | Star Wars: TFA | OTA

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fierceway: art: seichii97 @ deviantart (What up bitch)

Hinata Hyuuga | Naruto (Road to Ninja)

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Masaomi Kida | Durarara!!

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stanford pines | gravity falls

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[also offering Ford in his childhood/teens/30s; same account, different icons]
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[Literal actual fishman on your beach. Just sorta chilling out crouched in the surf looking at a particularly interest sort of starfish thing that might or might not be slightly shoggoth. Abe's psychic jury is still out on that. Thoughts, Mr. Pines?]
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Fujimoto | Ponyo

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Poe Dameron | Star Wars: TFA | OTA

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Hagan | Lazer Team

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Marie Kreutz l The Bourne Series

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Hajime Tenga | Kiznaiver

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